Karaya gum

Biological properties

Antiviral activity

Inhibitor/Concentration (μg/ml) 200
Adsorption HSV-1 in Vero cells [2] 85
Adsorption HSV-2 in Vero cells [2] 100
Adsorption and replication HSV-1 in Vero cells [2] 85
Adsorption and replication HSV-2 in Vero cells [2] 80
Inhibition of virus multiplication in cells.

Cell line Concentration
Vero cells [2] 200
Maximal non-cytotoxic concentration (μg/ml).

Molecular biology

100% inhibition on the restriction enzyme HindIII at 100 μg polysaccharide / μg λ DNA [3].


No enhancement of lectin hemagglutinability [4].